Blow up weddings: Balloons on your big day


When we think of balloons what springs to mind? Childhood birthdays, party bags, slightly-squashed cake wrapped in colourful napkins, balloon animals and school discos, cousins christenings’ and high school prom. Happy memories, big events, parties! So, if balloons represent parties – and what is a wedding if not a massive party? Then why not make balloons a focus for the decoration at your big day? More and more couples are turning to balloons for a uniquely creative, indefinitely adaptable and refreshingly affordable option to wedding decoration. When used effectively and tastefully, balloons are a fantastic way to inject an element of fun into your big day. We’ve outlined below some top tips for using balloons at your wedding and how to approach inflatables on your big day.

Before we begin

You’ve decided you want balloons to make an appearance at your wedding, you’ve scoured Pinterest and Instagram and have a rough idea of what you want, but don’t know where to start. Rather than guessing and buying equipment online that might not be right, this is where you find a local, reputable company like Funky Muppet. They have experience in weddings and events, they know the proper techniques, will probably have ideas that you haven’t thought of yet and more importantly will take the stress out of it for you. They’ll think of things like how far in advance to order, when to start inflating so that you don’t have half inflated balloons at your wedding and how long they’ll need to set up. In short, employ someone to save you money and hassle in the log run.

Wedding balloon ideas

There are a host of creative applications for balloons at weddings, they can be easily tied into your theme or colour scheme, form centre pieces for tables or photo opportunities, even be the focus of your decoration. Here are some examples of our favourite uses of balloons at weddings.

Wedding Balloon Archways

This is a tried and tested staple that never fails to impress. The possibilities for variety are huge with wedding balloon archways whether you choose a heart shaped arch, simplistic yet elegant single balloons, or balloons clustered together – the results are fantastic.

bridegroom and bride at banquet

Wedding Balloon Decor

Balloons are a great way of decorating the venue that the wedding ceremony or reception is in, try attaching balloons to the backs of chairs, colour coding for bride or grooms party. Make unique table centres with tiered balloons, create a feature wall with balloons ranging in sizes and in complimentary colour palettes.

Photo Opportunities: Wedding Balloons

Balloons are a great way to create a fun and individual photo opportunity, the bride and groom might be posing for the album, the flower girl could become the ‘balloon-girl’, let the photographer capture a sea of balloons float away on the wind as the entire wedding party let go of a balloon each.

Send a message with balloons

Alphabetic wedding balloons come in a range of colours, sizes and finishes and are a fantastic way of sending a message for the day, declaring your love for your new husband or wife, displaying your new shared surname or even us them to spell out directions around the wedding venue.

This really is just touching the surface of how to use balloons at your wedding, they are so versatile and with the right know-how can look very tasteful. There are so many varieties of wedding balloons and applications, so why not contact your local reputable party planner and see how they can help you blow up your wedding!

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