Boutique Weddings- Flattering Portraits

We got some tips on taking Boutique Style wedding portraits from this Yorkshire based Photographer

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Many brides will tell you that they want purely candid or reportage shots and don’t want to do any posing, but ask them to show you tear sheets from magazines and they may well produce a professionally styled advert for designer gowns using a full set of studio lights or the bride gazing wistfully out of the ornate window of a stately home. These aren’t candidly caught moments but carefully staged, and the couple need to be made aware of that.

Brides love candid pictures caught during the day, but more often than not their favourites are romantic shots of the bride and groom or bride alone.  These are usually set-up shots, made to look natural.

  • It’s  worthwhile taking the bride and groom away from the reception guests for a short time in the grounds to make some creative pictures.
  • A picturesque venue, such as a stately home, is ideal. or perhaps take them to a nearby beach or park.
  • Try some long-lens shots of the couple walking hand-in-hand,with a wide aperture to blur the background.
  • Off-camera flash, fired through an umbrella or softbox, mixed with the ambient light, can give amazing, flattering pictures that look like they’ve been taken on a fashion shoot.
  •  Flash can give your photos a real edge, but make sure you know how to use your flashgun properly before you try it at a wedding. It’s the one time you can’t afford to get it wrong!

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