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Custom Enamel Pin Badges

Custom Enamel Pin BadgeThe humble pin badge, an understated, tactile relic from simpler times. When ‘twitter’ was something your nan did over the washing line and ‘following’ someone could land you in a spot of bother. No, in this bold, garish and brash internet age, the simple pin badge is a very appealing method of making a subtle statement. Ironically enough, though the pin badge has seen a rebirth of late thanks to the resurgence of ‘analogue’ and ‘retro’ style, this IS the internet age and this is precisely where the enamel pin badge revolution is taking place.

The Internet Age of the Pin Badge

Instagram accounts of Hipsters everywhere are filled with the most pop culturally relevant or rarest pin badges around, attempts to one-up their peers in pursuit of social greatness is rife. Accounts such as ‘Pin Pursuit’ and ‘Patch Game’ drive the interest in searching for the most individual enamel pins in production, linking through to sellers websites so potential customers can purchase they’re future enamel-adornment.

Custom Enamel Pin Badge

Pin Badges and Craft Culture

Craft culture, craft fairs and the ‘makers market’ have adopted the process for hard and soft enamelling as an art medium and so this relatively underground craft-culture has opened up enamel pin badges as a medium for artists and designers alike to express themselves through. As consumers are now valuing the importance of the hand-made aesthetic, enamel badges and particularly custom badges are enjoying a similar resurgence.

Custom Enamel Pin Badge Companies

The versatility of the enamelling process lends itself to a host of design styles, allowing artists and consumers alike to express themselves through pinning these micro works of art. Whether you’re an artist or designer, a company or a club that are looking to have a badge made, make sure you choose a reputable, reliable company who can give you worthwhile advice on which production method is right for you. Badgebase are a London based badge and patch manufacturing company with a fantastic reputation and an end product that speaks for itself.